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Devotions: Chapter 8 "Rebirth"

Title: Devotions
Chapter Title: Rebirth
Genre: Fluff, angst, drama, tragedy, romance, squick
Pairings: RoyEd + 9 Hidden (3 non-con, 1 one-sided, 1 implied)
Rating (this chapter): PG-13 (next time it won't be so innocent)
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (this chapter): mindfuck, character deaths, wtf moments
Warnings (overall): blood play, character deaths, corpse rape, genital mutilation, graphic rapes, het, homunculus sex, mindfuck, mind control, Nazism, one of the characters going insane, post-series AU, squick, spoilers up through the end of the series, yaoi
Summary: Sometimes coping is hard than we'd imagine.
Chapter Summary: Kimblee sighed, annoyed at the display of affection. "You do know, though, that if the theory doesn't work, you could lose him entirely."
Co-plot-comer-upper-with: thatonefangirl
Beta: gilwen_sumer
Word Count: 2885

Chapter 0 "Apples"
Chapter 1 "Coffee and Snuggles"
Chapter 2 "Brotherly Love"
Chapter 3 "Caring and Surviving"
Chapter 4 "Replacement"
Chapter 5 "Memory"
Chapter 6 “Waking up to a Dream”
Chapter 7 "Things Fall Apart"

It was the light that woke Edward up a few hours later. Well, light mixed with fear when he was half-awake on soft cushions rather than hard concrete. He was mostly confused, trying to figure out where he was. About to disregard the sensation as a dream he wasn't supposed to have, a discordant voice, haughty, yet so familiar, broke his resolve.

"Hm," it intoned, the male purr more than arrogant. "So you need me to do what again?"

Envy swallowed hard, hating to bed. "Please?" he intoned, looking over at Ed, hoping the alchemist was asleep. Edward, however, sat up, the whining tone in Roy's voice disturbing him, only leading him to believe something was very wrong. He stared at Envy intently, swallowing hard. Envy had looked away, turning back to Kimblee as the man said in a low tone, "I don't even know if the theory's plausible..."

Staring at the Crimson Alchemist, Edward wasn't sure what to believe. "Then find another one!" Envy snapped.

Ed's eyes went wide at Envy's tone. "R-Roy...?" he mumbled, his arms going around Envy's waist as he nuzzled against his back. He peeked around Envy, staring at Kimblee, wondering what he was doing there, not liking the conversation. "Hey love..." Envy said quietly, turning around to move Ed into his lap, smiling softly.

"Wh-what's he doing here?"

Envy smiled reassuringly, petting Ed's hair. "He's helping make sure the military doesn't try to take you from me again."

Edward's eyes went wide and he shook hard in Envy's arms. "Th-they aren't coming back, are they?" he stammered.

"I told you I'd protect you," Envy said quietly, cupping Ed's cheek. "So you don't need to worry about them... I'll take care of you. You know that."

Kimblee sighed, annoyed at the display of affection. "You do know, though, that if the theory doesn't work, you could lose him entirely."

Envy shifted lightly, frowning. "Humans are so delicate."

Edward frowned, mimicking Envy's gestures. "W-What are you talking about...?" he mumbled.

"I told you," Envy said, the frown melting off his face completely, thumbing through Ed's loose hair. "We're looking for ways to protect you."

"What theory...?" Ed persisted, more worried about Roy than himself.

Envy shook his head. "We're just working on ways to make it so the military can't hurt you anymore. Just so you can be safe..." he said, pausing and leaning in to kiss Ed sweetly. Surprised by a kiss so devoid of the bruising passion he was used to, Ed didn't kiss back and didn't say anything, just stared at Envy blankly. "Are you okay, love?" Envy asked quietly, pulling back, looking at Ed's vacant expression. "I'm just so worried about you..."

Kimblee mumbled something about 'going soft' that Envy certainly didn't miss, but didn't respond to either.

"I'm confused," Ed confided, looking over at Kimblee again, pressing up against Envy.

"Your lover here seems to want to make sure the military can't get at you," Kimblee expositioned dryly. "Don't worry, he knows you don't want to leave." Envy just traced Ed's shoulder blades, pouting lightly.

"Aren't... you with the military, though?" Ed asked, looking away from Kimblee pointedly, hoping he wasn't being too prying in Roy's opinion.

Kimblee laughed, leaning over slightly to look carefully at Ed. "Not anymore..." he practically purred. "Those fuckers just wanted to screw with me."

Envy shifted lightly, moving away, going to get a hairbrush. "Wait, aren't you supposed to be in jail?" Ed asked quietly, confused. Envy moved into Ed's lap this time, straddling him so he could start working at the tangles in Ed's hair. Ed tilted his head so Envy could access the knots easier, not even noticing the extra heavy weight of his lover, so used to it by now.

"Nah," Kimblee said, stretching lightly, looking at his palms, grinning wickedly. "I'm supposed to be dead. You know--war criminal and all that... Treason..."
Envy put the brush down and nipped at Ed's collarbone, snuggling up against him. "I just don't want them to take you away, love. We need each other." Envy paused, tilting Ed's chin up and looking at him carefully. "Won't you at least let Kimblee try and make you safe?"

Edward swallowed hard, watching Roy's eyes for a long moment before nodding. "Okay..." he mumbled. "Okay."

Ross made her way to the woman's coffee shop, not sure why she kept coming back. The woman seemed annoyed, talking briskly with one of her customers. "He seemed well enough," she told the man. "He always pays me on time!"

The man shook his head. "I don't know what he's doing, but a couple of weeks ago there was bright light..."

Ross stared at the two of them. "Bright light?" she asked, stepping forward.

"Yeah," the man said. "Terribly bright. I live six blocks away and it woke me up..."

Ross nodded. "I'm sorry to hear that, sir." She turned to the owner. "Ma'am, where's the nearest pay phone?"

Ross panted as she fumbled for Havoc's number. She tapped her foot impatiently as she dialed the number, never this worried before. "Answer... answer..." she mumbled, leaning against the phone booth.

"Yes?" Havoc said quickly.

"This... this is Ross. I just got back from the coffee shop where the owner of the residence where Edward Elric is being kept works and a man was busy telling her that there was terribly bright light emanating from the house..."

"Like alchemy?" Havoc finished for her.

"Strong alchemy," she said, swallowing hard. "Should I dispatch the troops?"

"What?" Havoc asked quickly. "Y-yes! Do it quickly!"

Ross hung up the phone and dialed quickly, contacting Broche.

"Send the troops in."

If Edward was anything at that moment, he was lost, confused, and scared. Lost more than anything, though the fear was biting through him as he meandered through streets aimlessly. The fear was mainly the biting realization that he was outside of the house without Roy's permission.

When he saw Roy, sitting on a corner, smoking and conversing with a man who walked away quickly, he ran over to him, the fear running to a head as he fell to the ground at Roy's feet. "I'm sorry," he gasped. "I was just doing what you asked, I promise! It wasn't my fault, I don't know where I am..." He continued blabbering for a moment, not hearing the hum of a plane above him and not smelling the smog in the air. He paused as Roy put out his cigarette, frowning.

"Ed—Edward?" Roy asked. It was only a few more moments as Roy grabbed Ed's face, kissing him hard, suddenly. "Oh fuck, I've missed you, Edward," Roy sobbed, grasping at Ed's shoulder, confused, but relieved to see him.

Ed didn't kiss him back, pulling away slightly but still cautiously holding him. "R-Roy?" he asked, confused, not sure what was going on.

"I've—I've missed you so much," Roy continued to blather. "I don't even know what I'm doing here."

Ed pulled completely away from Roy. "What are you talking about?" he asked, clearly confused. "You just told me to go with Kimblee and when I did, he tried to kill me!" Ed was suddenly quiet, his eyes wide, his face pale.

"Kimblee?" Roy asked, frowning. "Why would I tell you to go with someone who I went to be killed for treason?"

For just a moment, Roy and Ed stared at each other, utterly confused.

"H-he's not dead!" Ed said suddenly, breaking the silence. "You said he said he was going to help keep the military away from me because of that lady that tried to take me away from you!"

Roy watched Ed ramble on, missing half of his words. "Edward," he said softly. "I've been here for the past month or so."

Edward shook his head violently. "N-no!" he told Roy soundly. "You've been at the house! They tried to tell me you were dead! But you took care of me!" He flinched suddenly, whimpering lightly, sure he would be punished for yelling.

Roy sighed, stroking Ed's hair, trying to calm him down. Ed swallowed hard, confused. "No, Edward," Roy said quietly. "I've been here. We're in Germany."

Edward didn't register Roy's words completely but instead just stared up at Roy, one question on his mind. "Th-then who was...?" he asked, afraid to finish the sentence.

Roy shook his head. "I—I don't know, Edward."

Licking his dry lips, Ed looked up at the sky, trying to remember what had happened before he had gone to the house. "I-I thought you were dead..." he said quietly, the fuzzy memories hard to access. "Al told me you were assassinated... It was our... tenth anniversary... And I had to... I had to..." Roy placed a hand on Edward's back, stroking it lightly, trying to calm his shaking. "I had to identify your body," he managed in a hoarse whisper. "There was a funeral... But then... you showed up again."

Edward smiled lightly and then looked down, swallowing hard. "You got angry, though, for thinking you were dead." He rubbed his arm, not flinching as he massaged the dark bruises left from Envy's grip.

Roy sighed, looking at Edward, trying hard not to cry. "I was dying," he managed. "Or I thought I was. I just remember telling Havoc to tell you I loved you... and then... I saw it."

Edward nodded, shifting lightly, knowing what Roy was talking about. The logic didn't piece exactly with Ed's experience, but he was too overwhelmed to think of that at the moment. Roy broke the silence looking at Ed sadly, lighting up another cigarette. "Who would impersonate me?" he asked dully.

Ed paused, thinking. "He was mean..." was all he managed to say.

Roy scooted over to Ed, stroking his hair. "I'm—I'm so sorry, Edward."

"I... I just can't remember anything... from before you died."

Roy looked almost like he was going to cry and wrapped his arms around Ed's waist, simply holding him close. "I'm just so sorry," he sobbed. "That you went through that..."
Ed pulled away, wiping tears from his eyes. "N-no!" he said sternly. "You died and you tricked me and you hurt me." He shook hard, walking backwards away from Roy. "Y-you're a fucking bastard," he sobbed. "An-and I hate you." The final words weren't as strong as they could have been, especially as he quickly made his way back to Roy's arms, sobbing the words over and over against Roy's chest.

"I didn't trick you," Roy said quietly, not sure what else to say, stroking the blonde's hair.
"I mean, I love you. And I really... wish you could remember how much we loved each other."

Ed paused, his sobs decreasing in volume. "I... I've always loved you..." he whispered in a low voice. "No matter what. I just couldn't... remember why."

"I'm so sorry you were hurt," Roy said dumbly, closing his eyes, trying to figure out how he could support the both of them.

"Why can't I remember?" Ed mumbled, looking up at Roy, wiping tears away from his closed eyes.

"I don't know," Roy said exasperated. "I've been here for the past few months, remember?"

"But you were with me," Ed snapped, still confused.

"No, Edward," Roy said quietly. "That wasn't me."

"Then who was it?" Ed cried, clinging to Roy.

"I told you," Roy managed angrily. "I don't know!"

Edward flinched and clung closer to Roy, a physical apology for making him use that tone. After a few moments he managed to babble senseless apologies, just wanting Roy to forgive him for using such a tone. "I didn't mean it!" he mumbled. "I'm so sorry... I didn't mean it!"

"Didn't mean what?" Roy asked, feeling bad. "Edward... I'm not angry at you."

"You're not?" Edward said, mystified, staring cautiously up at Roy, wiping his tears away. Roy moved Ed's hands, gently wiping the younger man's tears away and kissing his forehead. "Of course not," he intoned, stroking Ed's cheekbones. "How could I?"

"I—I yelled at you," Ed said awkwardly, slightly disconcerted by the softness Roy was exhibiting.

Roy mapped his thumbs over Ed's face, sighing lightly. "You're confused," he said gently. "I don't blame you at all."

"You're not the same person who hurt me," Edward managed, leaning against Roy, biting his lower lip, doing his best not to cry.

"I would never hurt you," Roy said simply.

"No you wouldn't," Ed said quietly, looking up at Roy, his eyes wide. "Because you love me?"

Roy nodded, kissing Ed softly, not caring they were in public. "I'd do anything in the world, Edward, to make sure you aren't hurt." Roy fumbled in his patched pocket and handed him a key. "I have to go to work, Ed. But this is the key to my apartment.

He sighed inwardly, remembering he was behind on the rent for the shoddy one-bedroom. After giving him quick directions he stood up, giving Ed another quick kiss. "I'll be home a couple of hours after midnight... okay?"

That moment, Roy wished more than anything he wouldn't have to leave Ed at this moment, but he had been sick for the past two days and couldn't work. Which translated into not eating.

Ed looked at the keys for a moment, just marveling at being left with something so inherently important. "O-okay," he managed, his eyes shining. He looked at Roy for a few more moments before walking towards the apartment, going inside and stood for a moment, frowning at the shabby place.

Short memories he tried to push back, unwittingly feeling he wasn't allowed to have them, of a large, beautiful house, no home, they had once shared creeping up on him when he wasn't paying attention.

Twice he almost went into the wrong room, remembering the wrong house, so he just sat up against the wall, comfortable in the stiff position he had sat in for so long and waited for Roy to come home.

Envy laughed sadly, shaking his head. "Come on," he intoned, standing at the doorway to the warehouse.

A young-looking man stepped out of the dark room, smiling widely, his dark hair in a braid and his eyes purple and slit. He pulled on his black tank top and leather pants, laughing with Envy, tilting his head lightly. "Are they actually sending the military here?" he asked, stepping up to the window with Envy.

"Apparently!" Envy said, shaking his head, trying not to be overcome with giggles. "Somehow, they think they can overpower us."

Ross forced her way through the window in the warehouse, blinking at the lack of light. "Edward?" she asked quietly, fumbling through the large open space. Eventually she made her way out, into the main room where the two men were standing at the window, looking out at her troops.

Staring at the man next to Envy, Maria swallowed hard, though her mouth had gone dry. "Ed—Edward?" she repeated again, blinking. "N-no, you aren't Edward..." she said after a while. "Where is Edward? What—What did you do with him?"

Envy turned around, smiling widely at Ross, lounging against the window sill, absentmindedly looking at the palm of his hands. "Oh," Envy said lightly. "Kimblee took care of our little 'Ed' problem..." Envy turned to the man next to him, touching the orouborus tattoo on his shoulder lightly, still keeping an eye on Ross.

"Kimblee!?" Ross asked, stepping back. "He's... he's dead!"

"Oh, he is now..." Envy said, still watching her as the other homunculus draped his arms around him.

"As is this Edward person I seem to be based off of," he purred happily, rewarded with a hard kiss from Envy. "Mmmhmm..." Envy intoned, pulling back, spitting blood on the floor. "Dead... But I get you."

Ross couldn't do anything but stare at the two, her eyes wide. "Ed... Edward is dead?" she managed after a moment.

Envy looked over at again, smiling lightly. "Well, yes," he said, as if talking to a young child. "Did you expect me to keep him alive forever?"

"Who... What are you?" Ross managed, shaking lightly.

Envy laughed and turned back to his lover. "Pride," he said lightly. "The military seems to keep us classified, love."

Pride pulled Envy in for a kiss before moving over to Ross, touching her chin lightly. "You know, I would consider me for him equivalent trade... But you obviously aren't important enough to be told about us."

Ross pulled back, swallowing again, though her throat was dry. She yelled for her troops to 'Get the fuck out,' backing away from Pride and Envy.

"Wonder if they'll come back..." Envy said absentmindedly, changing from Roy to Ross. "Or maybe I could give the military a bit of a visit?" He winked at Pride as he pulled back, fixing his clothes to match the Lieutenant Colonel's.

"You'll have to kill the girl to keep her away," Pride reminded Envy gently.

The maniacal grin Envy gave Pride was contagious, and the younger homunculus smiled right back. "I have an issue with that?" he purred, raising an eyebrow. "You could watch, you know... see them squirm."

Pride licked his lips, looking at Envy happily. "Of course I'd love to watch," he said huskily, taking a greedy kiss from Envy.

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  • (no subject)

    Remember Our Dead Transgendered Day of Remembrance, 2007

  • (no subject)

    Went clubbing tonight. So much fun. Still can't hear of course, and I'm tired from dancing for four hours. It was amateur strip night, so there…

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